Baseball Rivalries in Action

Part II

In Part I, I argue that Major League Baseball (MLB) is stingy with the amount of rivalry games.  MLB fans get to play their crosstown or cross-state rivals a whopping 4 times out of 162 in 2013.  Other nearby rivals may not play at all (Baltimore and Philadelphia for example) This tamps down fan interest and game day economic benefit for cities

In Part II, we have a little fun to help drive the point home. Enjoy the videos. It helps to be a baseball fan to appreciate.

In Part III, attendance of interleague rivalry games in 2013 is examined. This is  the one stretch of the 162 game season in which MLB allows 4 rival city games.

Here are a few videos to enjoy! Which do you like best?

Baltimore vs Washington

Chicago vs Chicago

Chicago vs Chicago vs Green Bay

NY vs NY

NY Y vs NY M


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