Comeback City is about urbanism. It is a place to discuss ideas, policies, and specific projects. Readers are encouraged to offer  thoughtful comments and contribute to the discussion.

Jeff La Noue

Jeff La Noue

The platform is administered by Jeff La Noue. Jeff has an undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Masters in Community Planning from the University of Maryland-College Park. Jeff’s urban insights come from research, reviewing best practices, and on-the-ground observation. Jeff lives in Baltimore’s Jones Falls Valley. La Noue is a Community and Sustainability Planner.  The views represented in Comeback City are the writers and do not represent his employer or any outside entity.

Comeback City articles have been featured in: The Baltimore Sun, Rustwire, the WashCycle, Baltimore Velo, Sustainable Cities Collective, and Greater Greater Washington.

Consideration will be given to smart and topical guest contributors.

To contact Comeback City, please e-mail to comebackcityus@gmail.com


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